Robbery and Kidnapping at Gastonia Jewelry Store Leaves Man Injured and Vehicle Stolen

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. – A man in Gastonia, North Carolina, was shot in the back during a robbery and kidnapping that started at his jewelry store, according to officials. The incident took place on Wednesday night and led to an investigation at two different locations.

The robbery and shooting occurred at TIF Designs on South New Hope Road, and the victim’s home on Amberley Crossing Drive. The Belmont Police Department reported that the man was shot and robbed by four masked men at the store, then kidnapped and taken back to his home. The suspects then left the area after going to the man’s house, leaving behind the evidence.

In addition to the robbery, the man’s Chevrolet Tahoe was stolen but was later recovered at his home. The victim was taken to Caromont Regional Medical Center for treatment of his gunshot wound in the back. This incident comes in the wake of a shooting on Nixon Road where nearly 60 shots were fired into a home, prompting concern for neighborhood safety.

Police are urging anyone with information on either case to call the Belmont Police. The incidents have stirred fear and concern among residents, as the authorities continue to investigate and work towards ensuring the safety of the community.