Pro-Palestinian Protests Spark Controversy on U.S. College Campuses: Latest Updates

Cambridge, Massachusetts – Pro-Palestinian demonstrations have erupted on various college campuses across the United States, with students voicing concerns over the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. The protests reflect a growing trend of solidarity with Palestinians in the face of violence and displacement. Campuses like Harvard University have seen an increase in activism, as … Read more

Protests Erupt at University Campuses Over Gaza War, Triggering Arrests and Violence

New York, New York – Recent protests at Columbia University have sparked a wave of activism across multiple college campuses in California. The demonstrations, which began in response to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, have led to clashes with law enforcement and disruptions in normal campus activities. At the University of Southern California, nearly 100 … Read more

Protest-Faculty-Youth Clash: Unabated Police Violence at US Campuses

Los Angeles, California – A group of pro-Israel individuals launched fireworks into a pro-Palestine encampment at the University of California, Los Angeles, on Tuesday night, resulting in a violent assault on students. The police reportedly stood by and did not intervene, prompting widespread outrage across the country. California Governor Gavin Newsom even criticized the authorities … Read more

Protest-Caused Suspensions Hit Multiple Campuses: Columbia, UCLA, and More Expel Students

New York, USA – Columbia University has taken action against all students involved in encampments on campus, resulting in their suspension. The university spokesperson, Ben Chang, stated that all participants in the encampments are suspended and unauthorized to be on university property, with the disciplinary process ongoing. The specific number of students facing expulsion for … Read more

“UCLA Violence Spurs College Protests: How Will Campuses Respond?” – San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco, CA – Following the recent incidents of violence at UCLA, colleges across the nation are facing the question of how to handle protests on their campuses. The violent clashes at UCLA have sparked concerns about security measures and the balance between protecting free speech and maintaining safety. In response to the UCLA violence, … Read more

Gaza Protest Violence Sparks Clashes at UCLA and Columbia University Campuses

Los Angeles, California – Violent clashes erupted between opposing protest groups at the University of California, Los Angeles. Pro-Israeli counter-demonstrators attacked a pro-Palestinian encampment, leading to confrontations involving sticks, poles, and even fireworks. Social media footage captured a disturbing scene where counter-demonstrators assaulted a person on the ground. LAPD officers in riot gear eventually intervened … Read more