Confrontation Erupts as Filipino Sailors Clash with Chinese Coast Guard in South China Sea

Manila, Philippines – A tense confrontation unfolded in the South China Sea on June 17 between Filipino sailors and the Chinese Coast Guard (CCG). The incident occurred when the CCG reportedly attacked a Philippine marine vessel using bladed weapons, sparking outrage and concern over escalating tensions in the region. The clash took place as Philippine … Read more

Stabbed US College Instructors in China Spark International Concern

Hong Kong – Four American college instructors were attacked in a public park in China, highlighting a rare case of violence against foreigners in the country. The educators, affiliated with Cornell College in Iowa, were participating in a partnership program at Beihua University in Jilin when the incident occurred. The college president confirmed the instructors … Read more

Elderly Chinese Immigrant Returns to China After Suffering Series of Violent Assaults in San Francisco

San Francisco, California – After 24 years of hoping for a peaceful retirement in San Francisco, 87-year-old Rongxin Liao has decided to return to China for good due to a series of violent assaults in the crime-ridden city. The former steel worker, who gained US citizenship in 2005, had hoped to make a new life … Read more

Execution of Couple Guilty of Murdering Toddlers Sparks Public Outrage in China

CHONGQING, China – A couple in Chongqing, China, was executed for the tragic act of throwing two toddlers out of a high-rise apartment window. This horrifying crime stirred up outrage across the nation. The man and his girlfriend were found guilty of killing the children from his previous marriage. They staged an accidental fall from … Read more

U.S. Retirement Funds Split on China

The U.S. pension system takes a new look at China. Due to tensions between the two global giants, many fund managers are reevaluating their strategies. The attitude of U.S. public pension funds to China is fragmenting, reflecting mounting investment risks and the more acrimonious politics of the world’s two largest economies.