University Protests: Police Inaction Leads to Escalating Violence

St. Louis, Missouri – University protests turned violent as clashes erupted between protesters and counter-protesters on Tuesday. Despite the escalating tensions, police reportedly stood by without intervening in the confrontations. The protest, organized by student groups advocating for greater diversity and inclusion on campus, quickly spiraled into chaos as opposing groups confronted each other. The … Read more

Violence against Women: Mother of Murdered Celeste Manno Slams Politicians for Inaction

Melbourne, Australia – Aggie Di Mauro, the mother of Celeste Manno, expressed her frustration with political leaders, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, accusing them of not taking adequate action to address violence against women. Di Mauro has been advocating for justice and change since her daughter, Celeste, was tragically killed in 2020 by a former … Read more