Shooting Spree Suspect Deemed Incompetent for Trial in Midtown Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia – In a recent court filing, it has been determined that the woman accused of a shooting spree in midtown Atlanta that resulted in the deaths of two men is not fit to stand trial. Raissa Kengne, 34, was found not competent to proceed with trial by a court-ordered psychologist, a decision that … Read more

Bradenton Man Accused of Murdering Mother, Her Boyfriend Found Incompetent to Stand Trial

BRADENTON, Florida – A Bradenton man accused of the murder of his mother and her boyfriend was deemed unfit to stand trial by a Manatee County judge. Thomas James Matejcek, 36, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of Patricia Matejcek, 62, and Sean Harrison Sr., 55, on November 10. According … Read more