Bradenton Man Accused of Murdering Mother, Her Boyfriend Found Incompetent to Stand Trial

BRADENTON, Florida – A Bradenton man accused of the murder of his mother and her boyfriend was deemed unfit to stand trial by a Manatee County judge. Thomas James Matejcek, 36, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of Patricia Matejcek, 62, and Sean Harrison Sr., 55, on November 10.

According to State Attorney Ed Brodsky, Matejcek was found leaving his mother’s residence after a neighbor reported hearing a woman screaming for help. When law enforcement officers entered the home, they discovered the bodies of the victims along with a knife in the kitchen sink and a large amount of blood.

Matejcek was located by deputies later, and he was described as being wet from having jumped into a pond. It was revealed that he had previously broken into his mother’s home and assaulted the same victims.

During the competency hearing, it was determined by the judge that Matejcek was unable to proceed with the trial due to signs of mental illness exhibited by him. Consequently, his public defender entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf on December 15.

As a result of the judge’s ruling, Matejcek’s case will be placed on hold until his competency is regained.