Tragic Murder of 60-Year-Old Woman Sparks Calls for Government Action in Kahiro Village

In Kahiro, Kirinyaga County, a 60-year-old woman was tragically murdered and her body discarded in a coffee plantation. The woman’s lifeless body was found abandoned on the plantation, still carrying Ksh 1500 in her pocket. The Assistant Chief of the region received a concerning phone call from village elders in the morning, notifying him about the discovery of the body. It was later determined that the incident occurred on Saturday evening.

According to reports, unidentified assailants confronted the woman during her journey home, taking her life and leaving her body just 500 meters away from her residence. The attackers seemed solely focused on ending the woman’s life, as they left the money undisturbed in her pocket. The locals discovered the body while collecting firewood and immediately alerted the victim’s family.

The family expressed their shock and urged the government to thoroughly investigate the matter. In addition, residents in the same vicinity have called for regulations on the sale of alcohol and ownership of bars, believing it contributes to the area’s insecurity. They are emphasizing the need for the government to consider these regulations when issuing licenses to alcohol sellers and bar owners.

This tragic incident is just one in a series of femicide cases reported throughout the country this year. In response, citizens of Kenya have taken to the streets in protest, shedding light on the numerous femicide instances where the circumstances surrounding the victims’ fatalities remain unclear. The growing concern for the safety of women in the country has sparked calls for more stringent measures to protect the community.