Obsessive Housemate Guilty of Stabbing ‘Lovely Sister’ 20 Times, Family Mourns Brutal Death

Hayes, West London – The brother of a woman who was stabbed to death by her obsessed housemate has spoken for the first time about his ‘lovely sister.’ Last week, Sheldon Rodrigues, 30, was found guilty of the murder of 39-year-old Stephanie Hansen following the conclusion of a trial at the Old Bailey.

Her body was found on New Year’s Eve 2022, with horrific stab wounds. Stephanie’s brother, Scott Peden, 31, has spoken for the first time since her death in tribute to his older sister, revealing the family always thought Rodrigues was ‘quiet and harmless.’

Stephanie, raised by her mother, Glenda, in Hayes, West London, with brothers Scott and Russell, now 38, was described as ‘absolutely lovely, inside and out’ by Scott. “She had lots of male attention. She had a heart of gold and spent her spare time volunteering with community action groups,” he said.

Stephanie met Sheldon Rodrigues in 2015 through work, and in 2022, they moved into a shared house together. Rodrigues’ obsession dated back several years, and he was described as ‘quiet and shy’ by Scott, who also revealed that Rodrigues was infatuated with her, often trying to sneak his arm around her or hold her hand.

On December 30, 2022, after Stephanie’s partner left, Rodrigues launched a violent attack, stabbing Stephanie multiple times and using a fan and hairdryer to batter her with ‘severe force.’ She suffered 20 stab wounds and 39 blunt impact injuries. Rodrigues claimed he had cut his hand while cutting a chicken on Christmas Day, however, the cuts were still open and appeared fresh.

The family were hit by a second tragedy last summer when Scott’s partner and two children died in a house blaze, caused by a faulty battery. Detective Chief Inspector Neil John from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command led the investigation and said: “While this conviction will do little to ease the intense pain that Stephanie’s family and friends continue to endure following her death, I hope it reinforces the Met’s determination to hold those who inflict violence against women and girls to account.”

Stephanie’s family and friends continue to grapple with the intense pain they endure following her death. The devastating loss of Stephanie, a caring and devoted woman, has left a lasting impact. Rodrigues’ guilty verdict may bring a sense of relief, but nothing will bring Stephanie back. Her family and friends must now find solace in the memories they shared with her.