Religiously Motivated Stabbing at Sydney Church Declared Terrorist Act by Australian Police

Sydney, Australia – Australian authorities have labeled the recent stabbing at an Assyrian church in Sydney a religiously motivated “terrorist act.” The incident, which took place during mass at the Christ The Good Shepherd Church, resulted in injuries to a bishop, a priest, and several churchgoers, with the attacker also sustaining injuries.

Police have disclosed that at least four individuals suffered “non-life-threatening” injuries during the attack, which was captured on a church livestream and subsequently led to unrest in the Wakeley suburb. While investigations are ongoing, authorities have expressed confidence that the incident was driven by religious extremism.

The teenager responsible for the attack made remarks centered around religion before carrying out the stabbing, further indicating a religiously motivated assault. According to New South Wales Police Commissioner Karen Webb, the suspect acted alone and was not on any terror watch list, despite being “known to police.”

In response to the incident, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has convened a meeting of national security agencies, emphasizing that there is no room for violent extremism in Australia. The government has also directed social media platforms to remove offensive content related to the attack within 24 hours or face potential fines.

The community’s reaction to the stabbing has been intense, with clashes between protesters and law enforcement outside the church where the suspect was being held. Religious and community leaders have called for calm, denouncing violence in all forms and expressing support for the police investigation.

As the investigation unfolds, concerns over community safety and potential retaliatory violence have emerged. Authorities have assured the public that measures are being taken to address the situation and locate those responsible for the chaos that ensued following the attack. The Assyrian community in Wakeley, known for its Christian population, faces a challenging period of healing and reconciliation in the wake of the tragic event.