Violence Erupts at UCLA Protest Camp Over Gaza Conflict

Los Angeles, California – Videos capturing the violence at an anti-Gaza war protest camp at UCLA have revealed the aggressive tactics employed by a pro-Israel group. Following the assault on protesters, Los Angeles police intervened to dismantle the camp, citing its illegality. The disturbing footage showcases the clashes between the pro-Israel mob and the peaceful … Read more

UCLA Students Express Frustration Over Pro-Israel Violence at Protest Camp

Los Angeles, California – Jewish students at UCLA are expressing their dismay over the presence of pro-Israel violence at a recent protest camp. The students feel that this violence undermines their efforts at advocacy and creates an unsafe environment on campus. During the protest camp, tensions ran high as pro-Israel individuals clashed with those advocating … Read more

Far-right Thugs Attack Gaza Protest Camp at Monash University, Students Vow to Continue Strong

Melbourne, Australia – In the early hours of this morning, students at the Monash University encampment for Gaza were rudely awakened by a group of far-right individuals who invaded their camp. The group, draped in Australian and Israeli flags, caused destruction to parts of the camp and even went as far as shaking the tents … Read more

UCLA Pro-Palestinian Camp Faces Shutdown Amid Violent Clash Aftermath

Los Angeles, California – Following a violent attack on a pro-Palestinian camp at UCLA, authorities are considering shutting down the encampment by declaring it an unlawful assembly. This comes after UCLA Chancellor Gene Block announced the university’s intentions, drawing support from University of California President Michael V. Drake, who emphasized the importance of maintaining free … Read more

Pro-Palestinian camp attacked by Israel supporters in LA, 300 arrested in NYC protest

Los Angeles, California: Tensions escalated in Los Angeles as Israel supporters clashed with pro-Palestinian demonstrators in a violent confrontation that resulted in multiple injuries and arrests. The pro-Palestinian camp was attacked by the Israel supporters, leading to a chaotic scene in the city. The clash in Los Angeles is just one of many incidents occurring … Read more

Teen Charged with Attempted Murder After Violent Attack on Spring Mountain Youth Camp Staffer Unveils Safety Concerns

Las Vegas, Nevada – A therapist at Spring Mountain Youth Camp in Mount Charleston is seeking justice in civil court after being viciously attacked by a teenage offender under her care. The victim, who had dedicated herself to helping troubled youth, was left to die in a ravine by 15-year-old Tavari Pearson during an outdoor … Read more

Florida: Suspect in the Separate Murders of Missing Woman and Man at Homeless Camp Captured after Two Months On the Run

WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA – After two months on the run, a suspected murderer has been captured by authorities. Enrique Martinez, 26, was found wandering on a sidewalk near Cooley Road and SR 540 in Winter Haven, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced at a news conference. This marked the end of a search that began … Read more

“Terrorist Killing Tactics Possibly Acquired in Military Training Camp” – Reading Park Murder Suspect

READING, United Kingdom – An Islamic terrorist believed to be responsible for the murder of three men in a Reading park may have received military training in order to carry out the attack. The suspect, who reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the incident, is believed to have been radicalized and had connections to extremist groups. … Read more