The Art of Retirement Finance: Crafting Your Path to Financial Security 

It is prudent to establish a budget as a guiding force for managing your finances throughout various stages of life. A well-structured budget can assist in meeting financial obligations and pursuing financial objectives, all while ensuring that your expenditures align with your financial means.  In preparation for retirement, you must anticipate your future spending requirements. … Read more

Shocking New Payroll Tax Hits Washington Workers – Is Your State Next?

Washington state employees saw a recent deduction in their paychecks due to a new tax on wages. The new tax is meant to support the expenses of long-term care. This tax, known as the Washington Cares Payroll Tax, was established in 2019, but its implementation started in July 2024. Here’s how the tax works: most … Read more

Common Retirement Expenses That You Should Budget For

Some expenses may be able to be reduced or eliminated in retirement, while others may increase with age. Retirement means no commuting costs or expensive clothes for work, and new hobbies or using more health care services may result in new costs. When planning your retirement budget, keep these expenses in mind. Housing In retirement, … Read more