Protect your retirement savings from these Social Security tax pitfalls

The Social Security system is an essential component of retirement planning for most Americans. A recent Gallup poll found that nearly 90% of retirees rely heavily or partly on Social Security during retirement. However, navigating the complex world of Social Security taxes can be challenging, and there are potential pitfalls that could deplete your monthly … Read more

Social Security cuts looming? Secure your financial future now

If you search online, you’ll encounter various suggestions for enhancing your Social Security benefits. For instance, improving your job skills to secure higher wages can increase your program payouts. Another strategy is to consider delaying your filing until age 70, ensuring the maximum monthly benefit based on your earnings history. While striving for a higher … Read more

Retiring on Social Security alone: Here’s what you need to know

Retiring solely on Social Security benefits can present significant financial challenges for seniors. Without any additional savings, it is likely that individuals in this predicament may struggle financially to some degree. On average, Social Security is expected to replace about 40% of one’s pre-retirement salary. However, this estimate assumes that benefits will not be cut … Read more